Michael Wilson design

Contemporary Art Museum of Houston

Self taught woodworker and designer who tries to break the barrier of design and normality without disregarding the basics of fundamental design.

The Michael Wilson Studio was founded in the fall of 2000. The Japanese-American artist & designer creates and builds custom designed furniture from richly grained hardwoods, which are hand carved with old school joinery then branded and dated when finished.

"I create modern-organic, sculptural designs, interweaving function and fine art.  Combing equal parts western and eastern sensibilities with delicacy and meticulous technique."

Wilson enjoys turning wood into an art, incorporating the natural idiosyncrasies of the tree or the wood he selects to add character and beauty to each piece.  It's his personal affinity, with the material that evokes the ultimate design. 

Most of Wilson's work is free form, he works with a painters hand, his carvings resonate with brush strokes, soft and fluid

at one moment and deliberate and exacting in the next.  With a limitless palette of walnut, wenge and maple to name a few. Each species is worked with traditional joinery then mixed with modern design.

His appreciation for the natural and organic wooden forms and his labor intensive furniture and sculptures look effortlessly released from their core.  Each piece movingly communicates its heritage with undeniable grace.

His pieces are functional, beautiful and soulful.